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The Parish Council holds a statutory Village Meeting once a year, and occasionally calls meetings on topics of current interest.The 2023 meeting took place on 23rd May at 7pm in the Church. 


Parish Council Accounts

The 2022-2023 accounts have been audited and the Annual Governance and Accountability Return and relevant information can be viewed below along with your right to inspect the accounts.


Monthly Meetings


Council meetings are held on the third Monday of the month at 7pm in the Juliarnos meeting room in Huggate.   

Parish Councils operate as non-political bodies serving the community by dealing with local issues and working with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to represent the concerns of the parish. 


Community, Vision, Conservation


 As councillors we want to see 

Our parish the best it can be

 To nurture what's already here

 And be honest and open and clear

 To give all the locals a voice

 Allowing them all to have choice

 Applying for grants where we can

 To help the parishioners plan

 For things that the future does hold

 In this village on top of the wolds

 The cash we will manage with care

 Being "value for money" aware

 We'll keep well informed and updated

 On things that are council related

 Our time and our care we will give

 To make Huggate a great place to live.

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