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Dear Huggate Parishioner

May 2019

Dog Fouling

East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) have raised concern regarding the amount of dog fouling that is present on our grassy areas. The Parish Council have been informed that if the amount of dog fouling continues on the grass they may refuse to cut it. We really don’t want this to happen and want to keep Huggate free from dog fouling, therefore this is a polite plea to everyone:

- Firstly, please accompany your dog when it goes outside in case it does more than just a wee

- Secondly if you feel confident to challenge an offending dog owner and ask them to use the nearest bin or take it home, please do so. If instead you don’t want to challenge them, please let your parish council know

( and we will consider what action to take

ERYC has a dog warden who dog fouling offences can be reported to by calling 01482 396301 (this can result in a £75 fixed penalty being issued.)

All of the village’s litter bins may be used for disposing of bagged up dog waste and we appreciate that you as residents might not be the owners of the offending dogs, due to the village being frequently used by visitors to the Wolds, therefore we have purchased templates to stencil on to pavements to deter dog fouling which we hope will improve the present situation.

Thank you for your support to keep our village clean, safe and free from dog fouling.

Yours faithfully

Huggate Parish Councillors


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